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I learnt my lesson about the hazards of gambling many years ago! I was at school, and I lost my fish & chip lunch money in a fruit machine, and went hungry for the rest of the day! Yet this… Read more »

A Burns night to remember!


A Burns night to remember! Gordon Mallory formally addressed the Haggis (picture below) which had been presented to him by David James. After the Haggis was “killed” an excellent meal prepared by the Events and Charities team, of Haggis, Neeps… Read more »

Starting anew


Traditionally as the summer arrives things begin to wind down for the holiday season, but for St Cuthbert’s this is never usually the case. Summer is the season of weddings and this year has proved to be of no exception.… Read more »

Keeping our eyes on the prize


I recently had a short retreat on the Island of Iona off the North West coast of Scotland. It is a place that may well be familiar to some of you it is know as the cradle of Christianity in… Read more »

Parishioner’s Profiles – Carol Price

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Each month we aim to bring a short profile of members of our church family. By profiling members of the PCC we will have the chance to get to know those we have chosen for positions of responsibility within our… Read more »

TeesValley Ministry Commissioning Service for Jim Rogers


In October we welcomed the members of Tees Valley Ministry to St Cuthbert’s for the commissioning of Jim Rogers as Chaplains Coordinator for the ministry. Tees Valley Ministry is part of collaborative Christian involvement in the North East. It acts… Read more »