Life in all it’s fullness


As my time as vicar of Marton draws to a close I have increasingly found myself reflecting on all that the past twelve years have been. So many things have changed since September 2001. If grey hair is a sign of wisdom, then I am much wiser now than when I arrived at St Cuthbert’s!

It has been an immense privilege to serve as a parish priest in a church community that has experienced very significant developments in its life and ministry over a period of more than a decade. It has been a journey that has been full of challenges, blessings, surprises, joys and even at times sorrows. Yet, in all these things, God has been working his purposes out, both in our individual lives and in the common life we share.

I am most grateful to the many individuals who have been influential in this process of development, to mention a few; former and current ordained colleagues, former and current Churchwardens, past Bishop’s of Whitby and of course Arch- deacon Paul Ferguson.

As I have reflected, I have come to realise just how full those past years have been. Full of prayer, consultation, planning, implementation, review and developments; all of which have lead to a real sense of shared vision and purpose. They have also been years that have included a fair bit of fun! The images opposite are just a few reminders of your vicar at play!

God is good and now it is time for my shipmate Liz and I to weigh anchor for another horizon. We do so in the sure knowledge of the love and prayers of friends we have shared our lives with here, in the parish of Marton.

Jesus said; ‘I have come that they may have life in all its fullness’.

As we each journey on, may we come to know the ‘fullness of life’ that is God’s purpose for all of his children.

Every Blessing Rev’d Mike Proctor.

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