Thursday Lunch Club and Sixty Eight Five

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Regulars of Koinonia will recall when Ian Williamson, founder of Sixty Eight Five came and gave a very memorable talk about the work of the charity . As a

result of the talk two young men have been helping out at lunch club every week. Derek Lythe writes: The charity Sixty eight five has forged links with our Thursday Lunch Club. The Charity aims to help young boys and men who have lacked a positive male roll model in their lives. Two young men, Luke and Liam attend Lunch Club each week. They help prepare, cook and serve meals for up to 50 people. The relationships they are building each week, with men and women, is a real joy to see. They are also working to- wards a certificate in volunteer work. They do this at Lunch Club under the watchful eye of charity founder Ian William- son.

This is a brilliant outreach for us to be involved in.



Edna Proudler Instructing the lads in the finer arts of baking


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