Lent appeal 2013




This year we will be supporting the charity WaterAid through it’s ‘Jars of Change’ appeal. It’s a simple but challenging idea that’s asks us to exercise a discipline for Lent and by doing so to make a real difference

Jars of Change, make a big difference with your small change. Give up some- thing small this Lent and the money you save could help the world’s poorest people get clean water to drink and a safe place to go to the toilet.

Join our Archbishop in supporting WaterAid:

“The problems people here are facing are tough, really tough. Their hardships are almost too difficult to comprehend. Good people – godly people – under- stand that God’s love has practical implications: when you see a situation like this, or it’s shown to you, you cannot ignore it, you must help.”

So lets make a real difference together this Lent. Your ‘Jar of Change’ will need to be big enough to express your commitment to give up something of your choice. Please bring your Jar’s of Change

to Church on Easter Day (31st March)

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