Parishioner’s Profiles – Carol Price

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Each month we aim to bring a short profile of members of our church family. By profiling members of the PCC we will have the chance to get to know those we have chosen for positions of responsibility within our church.

Carol writes: I have been coming to St Cuthbert’s since 2007. This is when we moved back to Middlesbrough from Shropshire with our young son’s.

A little about me ,I am Middlesbrough born and married to Richard and have been for 14 years, we have two sons, Daniel who is 8 years old and Thomas who is 7 years old. When we got married we moved to Birmingham and lived there for 5 years. Once Daniel came along we moved to Market Drayton in Shropshire and shortly after Thomas arrived. With two babies under 13 months old, I quickly realised we needed more support so after much persuasion Richard agreed to move to sunny Middlesbrough!

I have attended church all my life and as a child was in the church choir. My uncle is a Vicar so the church has always been an important part of my life. We have attended our local church wherever we have lived and both boys were baptised, we even played Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and a shepherd in the church nativity the year Thomas was born!

In September last year I started working at Errington Primary School in Marske, as the school secretary. I love it! The school is fairly small and the team have made me feel at home. I enjoy travelling to Marske every day and seeing the sea. One day I’d love to live in a house with sea views, must be the Pisces in me!

Previously I have run my own business called Rhythm Time, where I taught music to babies and toddlers! It was great fun and I did it for 5 years. Running my own business is both stressful and wonderful, but the time had come to either expand or sell, so I chose to sell the business.

I am a Sunday Crew leader and loving it! I hadn’t realised how much work was involved but the experience is amazing and working with the children is lovely. You need to be on your toes as you cannot predict what the children will say. It is strengthening and expanding my knowledge and understanding of Jesus and the Bible and in turn is deepening my faith. So you could say I am learning with the Children and enjoying every minute.

I have been a PCC member for a year now and have come to realise that a church is run by a whole team of people who work really hard. This last year at St Cuthbert’s I have become more involved and got to know more people, I really feel I belong and enjoy coming to church every Sunday.

We try to promote our church as a welcoming church and hope that all who attend feel as Carol does about really belonging. Editor.



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