Thinking of a Baptism / Christening?DSC00621fb

Congratulations on the birth of your new child! We would love to encourage you as you begin to think about baptism.

Baptisms and Christenings are exactly the same thing. When you bring a child for baptism or decide to be baptised yourself, you are thanking God for His gift of life, deciding to start your child or yourself on the journey of faith and asking for the Church’s support. We do not charge for baptisms.

Baptism marks the start of a journey of faith, which involves turning away from the darkness of self-centredness, turning towards Christ and becoming a member of the local and worldwide Christian family.

Dedications or Thanksgiving for the birth of a child are also offered as an alternative or as an extra service to baptism.

Making arrangements

Baptisms at St Cuthbert’s take place after the main Sunday morning service and usually start about 12:00pm. The service usually lasts about 30 mins. During which time you will make promises, along with the God parents for your child.  We ask that as you choose your God parents that they are already baptised.

If you want to arrange a baptism, dedication or talk about renewing your commitment please get in touch with Revd Andy Grant  in the office: ring 01642 316201 or email

Adult Baptism

While most people are familiar with being baptised as a child, baptism can happen at any age. What matters is that those concerned believe it is right to ask for baptism. You can only be baptised once, but if you want to renew your commitment, there are ways to do this too.








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Thinking of a church wedding?

Congratulations! You’re welcome to marry in our church whatever your beliefs, whether or not you are christened and whether or not you regularly go to church. And, marrying in church has never been easier.

For such a special day, we offer a special place. All you need to help you plan a personal, meaningful, spiritual and beautiful church wedding can be found on our Church of England weddings web site: If you would like to get married in St Cuthbert’s church then please get in touch with Revd Andy Grant who will guide you though the first stages of your big day. ring 01642 316201 or email

You may also like to use these links to go to popular pages:

We wish you every blessing for your forthcoming marriage.





A funeral marks the close of a human life on earth. It is the opportunity for friends and family to express their grief, to give thanks for the life of someone at the end of their journey in this world and to commend them into God’s keeping.

Arrangements for funerals are made in the first place with the funeral directors and then the clergy responsible for the funeral will visit the bereaved family.

Everyone has a right to a funeral in the Church of England church in their parish, whether or not they were a churchgoer. Here at St Cuthbert’s, we see funerals as an important part of our ministry and will gladly give time to talk to those who are facing loss, to be with them in their pain, and to help to arrange whatever kind of funeral service is most appropriate.

For more information please contact our parish office: ring 01642 316201 or email