Take a leap of faith this Easter

Archbishop Sentamu

Take a leap of faith this Easter

I love the Easter season. This time of year is not just about the fact that Jesus was crucified and died but also remembering that he rose again and conquered sin for our salvation. Whilst Lent is a time of reflection, contemplation and penitence, Easter itself is a time of great joy and rejoicing for the Church. Christ’s resurrection brings us a new world of opportunity and new beginnings. When God has defeated death, what is there for us to be afraid of?

I always think we should look forward to the future with hope rather than trepidation. I have a venturesome faith. When I agreed to jump out of an aeroplane for charity, I was full of hope and filled with anticipation. Not only did I complete the jump and walk away in one piece, but I was left with a real sense of gratitude and I had helped make a difference to some people in need.

As part of the Body of Christ, we need to take a leap of faith once in a while. Take hold of God’s hand and trust him. When we see people suffering and being troubled by the difficulties we face as a society unemployment, homelessness, loneliness, low pay, and cuts to essential services and amenities, to name but a few we have a duty of care to be generous.

We have talked at length about being generous churches growing and nurturing disciples in our diocese. Of course it is important to be generous with our wallets, if we are able we should put our money where our mouth is on inequality and unfairness but it is also about being generous with our hearts, heads and hands too.

I hope that this Easter your hearts will be filled with God’s generous spirit of love; that your heads will be full of wisdom and compassion; and that your hands will be used to serve others in all you do. We should never be afraid of failure. We should always aim high and keep trying in the face of setbacks that is a mark of real strength and courage.

When Jesus has already won the battle for us, what is the worst that could happen? No matter what our situation, we can always say: “Hallelujah, He is Risen”. May I wish you all a blessed and uplifting Easter.

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(Photo used with permission, Mark C Benson)

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