Confirmations and baptisms


On Sunday 16th November 14 candidates from St Cuthbert’s were confirmed by Archbishop Sentamu with 2 of them also being baptised.


This came after 4 weeks of preparation and exploring what conformation means and how those who attended could deepen theier faith and be confident to share  that faith with others.


below are their statements of faith written by each candidate individually…

Having being brought up a Christian, I now feel ready to reaffirm my belief in God. Growing up, I never felt the want or need to be confirmed. However, now I am older I realise the importance for myself and my family, as I feel happier and more confident about my faith.                                          Emma Enderwick

I have gone to ‘Sunday Crew’ and grown up in church and now I would like to make the promises made for me, my own.
Josh Norton

I want to be confirmed because it means I am confirming I am part of the Christian family. Going to Sunday Crew every week for the last 6 years have helped me to understand what it feels like to be part of a church.                                     Daniel Price

I want to be confirmed because it is the next step in Christian life. I go to Sunday Crew every week and it has taught me what it means to be a Christian and I am looking forward to taking this important step.
Thomas Price

I believe in God. It is my desire to enter into a journey of faith and commit myself to the word of the Lord.              David Griffiths

I have always been a ‘quiet’ Christian.  In recent years I have questioned and challenged my faith, and now,  I finally feel ready to take the next step in my Christian journey.                   Lyn Newton

I want to be confirmed because sharing the bread and wine helps us become closer to Jesus and God.                        Olivia Davies

My 10 year old daughter has a strong faith and has chosen to be baptised and confirmed. Being part of her Christian life and journey has encouraged me to confirm what my parents and God parents said for me. Being confirmed gives focus and a strong common bond.
Ruby Davies

I have always tried to live a good Christian life, in the past year my faith has grown and my relationship with God has changed.  I feel this is the right time for me to be confirmed.                              Jez Meehan

I would like to be confirmed because I was baptised as a baby and I have been blessed.  I trust Jesus and I know he died because he loves me.  I will remember this when I am confirmed and when I take communion.                                           Sam Meehan

I would like to be confirmed because I feel everything in life happens for a reason. While doing the Alpha course I realised talking about God and what he did made me feel closer to him, like he was looking down on me protecting me and my family. When I was then given the opportunity to do the confirmation course I knew instantly it was what I wanted and it was the right time.                      Gemma Graham


Confirmation for me is an opportunity to re-affirm my faith. It is a way to thank God for his help and guidance in bringing me back to church over the past year; and to demonstrate my determination and commitment to augmenting my faith going forward. I feel both a responsibility to my parents (as I think about starting my own family) and a duty to God to nourish and cherish the gift of faith I myself was given as a small child- in order that I can pass it to my own children as well as continuing to try to use it to benefit others around me. I see making my confirmation promises as the next step in achieving this.
Lindsay Gibson

Faith was an important part of my childhood but as I grew older I stopped attending church and no longer consciously thought about my faith. Recent events in my personal life have brought me back to church and to rediscover my faith. I now feel ready to make the promises of confirmation for myself but also recognise that confirmation is not the end of my journey. I still have a lot to learn but I know I can put my trust in God to guide me through.
Jennifer Robertson

I have always believed in God I think, I used to go to church when I was a scout and learnt the ways there.  Occasionally would go on a Sunday with my mam. When I came back to Middlesbrough I started to go more regularly, usually to the early service and just built it up over the years. I now go most Sundays and am really enjoying being part of St Cuthbert’s so I thought this was the next big thing in my faith Journey.                                                                      Gareth Davies

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